David Amaral hopes that this time the team will have an away win.

David Amaral was interviewed on Friday and started talking about here and now, “I am only thinking about the present, we can't move from that thought or look towards the future. We need to try to change this run. We need to work intensely and to see the players put the past behind them. The situation is very hard but we need to keep trying”.
The coach from Arico, talked about how the players needed to think positively. “The footballers need to take chances and play with faith. They need to go out and look for the ball. When you don't win it is normal to see the squad with their heads down but every week I have seen them fight back and be ready to play again at the weekend. Lets see if this time we can make the game count between us all”.
He continued saying, “We are going to try to play better with the aim to win. It will not be easy but we travel to Granada with the hope to win. Granada are a team who are playing well. They play good football and we know that at home in their own stadium they are a difficult rival. But we are going to do our job well and try to achieve a positive result”.
In reference to the fact he had named Moreno, Ayoze & Germán, from the youth team to travel he assured the press that “We believe that these players can help us. They will travel with us and possibly might play”.
David Amaral, also, commented that the team are hungry to achieve a good result in Los Cármenes. “Day by day we are doing goo things. Things are harder at home than away. In Alcorcon the team played well. I see the whole squad with a desire to compete and they just need to do this with their head screwed on paying attention on the field”.
Lastly the coach talked about CD Tenerife's position in the league table, “We are realistic and everyone of us can make the calculations. We are trying to win games any way we can. We will fight for the fans who support us, for the club who are trying everythign and for the colours and the shirt we wear which we have respect for”, he finished.

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