Natalio hope for a win in Los Carmenes

Josmar Zambrano was the player chosen to talk to the press on Monday, he admitted that, “We are all having a bad time. Every time it is more difficult but mathematically everything isn't lost. We need to keep fighting to see if we can fix this. Whilst there are options, we need to keep fighting to get out of this”.
In reference to how the team will play the next game the Venezuelan player assured that, “Granada are fighting to be at the top of the table but we need to think of ourselves. We have to go out on the field and fight for the three points2.
To finish, Zambrano stated that he couldn't think about himself, “The most important thing is the team, the situation we are in. In my case I am seeing chances to play and I know I need to make the most of them”.
Natalio Lorenzo was also interviewed in the press room in the Heliodoro, where he started talking about the game last weekend. “The coach gave me some chance to play but everything ended sadly as the team lost. We suffered another painful loss”.
Although there are many points to the salvation zone the Valencian player pointed out that “we are fighting to the end. We need to defend the badge, the colours whilst there are options to compete. The team feels the loss . We need to try hard to get out of here. We go out to win, to win the games, but the results don't come”, he added.
The blue and white ‘11’, in the same theme, confessed that “we want to make the fans happy and it doesn't come. We need to try to play more naturally and fight for the chances that are left to remain in the division”.
Lastly, Natalio hoped for a win in Los Cármenes. “We are still working daily and we hope to win in Granada. I want to help and the only thing that is interesting is to add the three points that would be a win. I hope some day that football will give us back the things it has taken” he finished.

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