Aitor hopes to play

Aitor Núñez & Pablo Sicilia were the two players interviewed on Friday. For both CD Tenerife players the aim is clear, win the three points against Villarreal B.
Aitor Núñez started “we are in the final leg of the league and we need to hold onto our possibilities. There is no other option but to win the three points".

“In spite of not gaing a point in Alcorcón, the game felt different. We played well on a difficult ground. We know we need to give everything at every game. The team is different and hopes to break the bad run" he added.

When asked about himself he replied, "I am in the squad, I am excited and ready. If I get the chance to play, I will put all my heart in it to help the team. We need to look forward and think about Saturday".

Pablo Sicilia understands that, "there are less chances, but in our mind is only that we need to win the three points this weekend. We need to break tge runof so many games with out a win. To do this we need to win".

For one of the captains the objective for the game against Villarreal B is, " not to let in any goals. We don't need to be obsessed butwe need to achieve this. I am only concentrated on beating Villarreal B and to help so the three points stay at home".

“We are not beaten. Not at all. We just want to move forward", he concluded.

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