Mathematically there are still chances and we need to make the most of them. We need to move forward” said Juanlu

Juanlu Hens & Julio Álvarez were the two players who were interviewed this Tuesday in the Heliodoro press room. The CD Tenerife players talked to the journalists who were there about the importance of the game against Villarreal B. Although this is something we have heard all season it is still true.
Juanlu started talking about how sad the loss against Alcorcón last Sunday had left them saying: “The loss has complicated things even more, It was a blow to lose, although the team competed well. It is a pity, a trip up that caused us harm”.
“We know that everything is complicated and we need to win this Saturday. If we get the three points, then this will pressure our rivals. The objective is to think only about Villarreal B. they are a young team who are in a safe area of the table. We need to make them feel that we need the three points. Mathematically there are still chances and we need to make the most of them. We need to move forward”, he added.
The midfielder from Cordoba also said, “no one expected at this stage of the league to be where we are. This has been a really hard year and it's difficult for everyone. Now we shouldn't think about anything but the three points at the weekend”.
On the other hand, Julio Álvarez recognised that “Things are complicated, but we need to try harder. We need to compete the best we can and achieve the win against Villarreal B. In the club we are realistic and the whole thing is complicated. On Saturday we need to add the three points and not look any further”.
“The numbers don't lie and the reality is what it is. We will carry on fighting. This a a delicate moment, but we are looking for the triumph”.
“I came here to help the team, to be one more. That said I am going to help with everything I have and as much as I can”, he then commented that, “ the squad hurts. We know that we haven't done things very well. We have to be strong and not throw in the towel. We are all there ready to fight”.
When asked about the arrival of David Amaral to the training squad, Álvarez commented that “he is trying to help all the players. He knows the club well. Between all of us we need to face the day to day playing the best we can. We have been a few weeks together and everything is going well”.
This will be the first time that Villarreal B have visited the Heliodoro Rodriguez Lopez.

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