Aitor Nuñez hopes to play this weekend.

Ezequiel Luna & Aitor Núñez were the two players who met the press on Tuesday, the defender went first and signalled that “We are in a really difficult situation but I think that we can still save the team. We need to add the points however we can in Alcorcon. We can't stay stalled. The fact the fans are cross is normal as things haven't gone right”.
In reference to his possible return to the starting eleven now he has finished his punishment the Argentine confessed that “I always have faith to be in the 11, but I will need to wait and see what the coach decides. We are all thinking positively. I doesn't do us any good to lose”.
“Our capacity is what it is, continued the number “19” CD Tenerife, “and it feels hard what we are going through. We need to train hard to get to the next game in the best form we can”.
When asked about AD Alcorcón, Ezequiel Luna pointed that” the rival, especially at home, is very strong. We know that it will be a difficult game and we need to overcome the obstacles that are there”.
To finish the blue and white defender wanted to make clear that “if things don't work out it is bad for everyone. We are conscious that there is everything in play if we want. Above everything to make the fans happy”.
Aitor Núñez, for his part, started talking about the possibility that he will play. “I am working hard and as Marc Bertran will not be playing I have a better chance to play. I would really like the chance to play. When ever there is always a chance to play, you always feel better”.
The defender from Madrid talked about the arrival of David Amaral on the CD Tenerife bench. “The coach can here with very clear ideas and wanted to send us very clear message. I am excited about this. Everyone knows this. It is hard to look in from outside and see how the team suffers. I know that I need to work even harder if possible. I haven't given up”.
To finish, Núñez alluded to the situation the club finds itself. “There are still chances. We have to go game by game and think about winning that game. We can't go mad. We know we need to play well and we have the ability to do this”.

The club announced on their website that yet again the biggest crowd in the second division with 13.355 fans in the stadium.

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