Saturday interviews with Igor and Antonio Hidalgo.

Igor was one of the two players who was interviewed on Saturday after the training session on Saturday morning in the Maracena grounds. The CD Tenerife forward talked about the match this Sunday in Granada in Los Cármenes and the state of mind the squad has.
“We want to demonstrate that we are still capable even in this difficult situation. Right now we need to concentrate on Granada and how to win. We are approaching a difficult game both because of the rival and because few teams have managed to achieve points in this stadium. The group knows how difficult it will be”, indicated the Brazilian.
“We need to think about how we are going to play not what is going on in other games. The situation is difficult but not impossible. We need to fight to the end”, she added.
When asked about himself, Igor pointed out “I am pleased to have been called to the squad again and hope to get the chance to play. I am here for the coach”.
“The best we can do is play this Sunday. We want to win. We want to feel that feeling you get with a win again. If we work hard we can do this”.
This is how Antonio Hidalgo started his interview with the press. The Catalan mid fielder knows how difficult it will be in Los Cármenes on Sunday, but he knows the team are professional and they will give everything.
“It will be a good game in a full stadium. We would have liked to have come here with other results behind us, but it isn't so. We will need to go out and play at the same level as our rivals. If we play that way we will have chances. The game against Alcorcon is a good reference” he explained.
Hidalgo had hoped that CD Tenerife had achieved a different result last weekend, when they lost against Villarreal B: “I trust that we will look better. As a player I want to compete well against rivals at their level. This year has been hard but the reality is that we are capable of doing this”.
“We need to demonstrate to the coach that we can do this and that we can fight to the end. We need to show this in every game” he concluded.

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