The coaches words after the game.

David Amaral wasn't especially critical when he talked about the game played by CD Tenerife in Los Cármenes, where the team suffered another loss. The Coach from Tenerife discussed how the players had fought on the field and how they didn't deserve the results they had seen.
The blue and white trainer commented that “This cost us badly, we didn't read the match well. We stepped back and this gave Granada space to move towards the goal. Generally they played a good game, working together. They played within the limits of their capabilities”.
“We are going to keep working as professionals looking to gain all the points we can. We tried to add some here but t is hard against a team who are fighting to ascend a division. We need to play with pride at all times. We need to finish with dignity. Granada is a team we should look at. A team who just came up from 2B who play well together”, he added.
Without looking for excuses, the coach recognised that “a team with so much difficulty on the field normally, with ten men will find things even harder. They were maintaining a level and then the red card made things worse. Granada knew how manoeuvre the game and that counts”.
When asked about the players who will be missing in the next few games the blue and white coach explained, “I need to thank the players. In the break Iriome came and told me that he couldn't play on. Melli's injury could be bad and we will be missing Julio Alvarez for accumulation of cards”.
David Amaral lamented that since he had arrived there hadn't been the expected change: “We took over the team at a difficult time and hope to make changes, but it didn't work. We wanted to help the club as they are in a complicated situation. We need to think about next year but first we need to finish this season”.

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