Richie Kitoko isn't sorry to have come to Tenerife

“Football is like that. We need to think about the games that are left. And for ourselves e need to try to finish the best we can. We are really affected by the results but we need to move forward. There needs to be hard work and no one is giving up we will try to win the next game”.
These were the words Richie Kitoko said after the training session CD Tenerife had last night after the teams arrival from the mainland after the loss against Granada. The mid fielder felt that they needed to keep fighting until the end, even if things didn't go right.
With reference to the game last Sunday, the player from Congo who couldn't play explained that, “In the first half the team really fought and you could see them winning. But when Melli was sent off, everything became more complicated and in the end Granada kept the three points. We are very troubled but we need to keep going until the end of the league”.
“I am not sorry I can here. I would have liked that things had been different. We are all sad for the state of the team” he finished.

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