I thought today about translating something from the club website. There are comments from several players talking about how they want to finish the season as best as they can.
But what most of you probably want to know is what is going on, what is being said on the island and what gossip says is possible.
On the zonablanquiazul there are a lot of rumors and facts there are few. Still I will share what I have read both there and in the newspapers.
As you may have read on Monday the sports director said everyone has to go the wages are too high and in two B they would be over paid. Since then there seem to have been offers for Julio Alvarez from Betis, Ricardo from Sporting and Almeria. There has been an offer for Iriome from Villarreal B and talks about Omar. Pablo has aparently has offers from three clubs including Las Palmas.
There are several rumors which say Jose Luis Oltra might come back but I can't find what they might be based on except that he said he would train Tenerife even in two B. Nino has come out and said he is not just a player for the first and second league which might mean he wants to stay. There was a twitter rumour that club President Miguel Concepcion is trying to work out how Nino might be kept in the team.
Sergio Aragoneses has said before the team descended that he would like to stay and Natalio has said that no one would make the club pay all the outstanding payments due. (He has 2 years left on his contract).
Rumors about the season ticket prices include Tribuna 220 €, San Sebastian 200-180, Herradura 130 & popular 110 €.
New players - there is talk about Cristo Martin from Universidad de Las palmas, also the return of Kiko Raton. Yeray from Mensajero and Maikle from La laguna have also been mentioned.
Please remember these are all rumours and I am not sure about any of them.

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