Marc says goodbye

Marc Bertrán was one of the players interviewed this Thursday in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López, where he announced his departure from CD Tenerife at the end of the present season.
“Here right now for me an era has ended. In general, it has been very good and I take with me many great memories. I am very grateful to CD Tenerife for everything I have lived through here. I am proud to haver been here all this time in spite of the bad taste this season has left”.
The blue and white captain followed on by saying, “You always want the best for the team and right now I seem to have lost my perspective. There has been four fantastic years and one not so good. I think it is good to remember what I have given over the whole time”.
Marc, lastly, spoke about how he felt about the team. “In a situation like this is is hard to express oneself, words mean so little. CD Tenerife is very special, amongst other things because of the fans. I have lived through thinks I would never have had the chance to enjoy in other places. I hope that soon CD Tenerife will return to the categories it so deserves to be”.
Aitor Núñez, was also interviewed, he started by talking about the game against SD Ponferradina. “This is the second to last game of the season and we hope to win this Saturday. The weeks are all different but we are concentrated on winning these last two games. There are still things to be achieved here”.
When asked about his future the defender from Madrid said, “We are all waiting to see what the club says. We know our contracts are difficult to pay in two B. The club has stated their position. I will look to see what they offer me. None of the players will make things difficult for the club”.
Núñez, pointed out that “right now we all need to pull together” his hope is to stay in a club where he will have more chance to play. “I have been a long time without playing and next season where ever I am I will need to play”.
Finishing up the ‘3’ commented on the Two B division. “It is a really hard league, very difficult. It is not at all easy. There are teams which are at a similar level to the second division and CD Tenerife will very much the rival to beat”, he added.

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