We need to show what we can do. The coach said today.

David Amaral was interviewed this Friday in the press conference in the Heliodoro stadium, before the game tomorrow against Recreativo de Huelva. The blue and white coach was very clear with his statements saying, “Our idea is to in as many points as possible and finish the season with as much dignity as we can. We need to maintain pride and dignity to the end of the season”.
The trainer from Arico commented that “the way the players are behaving is good, with the only exception being they haven't won any games. We need to do everything the best we can”. He continued, “The situation is not easy for anyone, although the squad is still trying their hardest. It is upsetting but we need to go on trying to the end”.
When asked about the rival team the Tenerife coach admitted that, ”Recreativo de Huelva managed to move up from the bottom of the table. This season hasn't been easy for them but they took the steps to move out of relegation”.
When he was questioned about the youth team players chosen for this weekends squad David Amaral replied, “they are on the list because they have trained well. They have achieved things with their team and we need to show them they can move up and help the first team. That said we don't expect them to resolve this situation. It doesn't work like that. But with their youth and attitude they can show us other things”. Lastly he was asked about the last few games and he answered, “We weren't worse than Huesca or Villarreal B but we lost those games. Neither were Alcorcon or Granada better than us and we played at their level. We need to show what we can do” he finished.

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