The start of a new era

Juanjo Lorenzo gave a press conference today and stated the following points about the future of the club CD Tenerife:
Analysis.- “The first thing I need to do is acknowledge the mistakes that are both mine and the groups. Secondly it is clear since Monday that the most important thing is to get back at least to the second division as soon as possible. Thirdly we need to see that this never happens again. This is the moment to start from zero and try to make sure that as soon as possible the club can get back to where they were for itself, its history and the fans”.
Thanks and apologies.- “I would like on one side to say thank you and on the other say sorry. The way we have been treated has been tremendous, with a support we haven't deserved this year and has been much more than we have given in return. I am sure that because of this soon you will be back where you belong. The only objective needs to be to get back to the second division. This club doesn't deserve to be in two B”.
Contracts.- For next season we have 15 players with ongoing contracts, all of which were made for a team in the first or second division. None are suitable for two B. This is an unacceptable cost for this level in spite of the fact we plan a strong and ambitious season. So the people who are left in the club can work well, with liberty these contracts need to be resolved right now”. He continued “ideally by the first of July 2011, CD Tenerife will have no contract with any player. In two B there are a lot of costs and very little incoming money. The budget needs to be planned much more carefully than in the first or second league. This needs to be solved now because if not it will be very difficult for the staff who are coming to work. To a point where I would say a future project would be impossible. If the club needs to start the season with this additional weight it will be very complicated. This definitively is the first step for CD Tenerife”.
“If it is considered suitable that one or even some of the present players continue in the club and it can be worked out then we will need to try to organise that they stay here. But we need the first steps to come from the players as our budget has changed. There is not one player in the squad whose wages we can afford in two B. Right now I can't see how we could possibly afford any of those contracts”.
Responsibility.- “When you take part in a project, at what ever point that is you take on the responsibility. When you sign a contract, you take all the responsibilities and events that go with the job. I feel I failed and e failed and can't explain it any other way”.
Leaving.- “This coming season I will not be in the club. If things don't go right then you need to move aside and let someone else through so they can do things better”.
Unplanned.- “Nobody though it would come to relegation. The teams contracts are for amounts aid in the first division with some for the second division but none for two B. Ability wise there are some players who would be very useful for the next season but their wages are too high for there to be any possible negotiation right now”.
New stage.- “Since Monday there has started a new stage in this club, which has nothing to do with the previous stages. We are now in a situation that is both economically and sports wise very different. But there is no way we can feel sorry for ourselves nor should this create a public debate as there is no solution. Today is the first day in the path to return to where we should be”.
Contracts.- “I will not be signing any players for next season. The person who will do this is the one who comes after me. He will be in charge of the long term plan and will seek out the most viable players”.
Planing.- “When this season finishes, there will be other things. The club finds itself in a moment where it needs to restructure for the next few years. I am sure they will manage this and that they will return to the league they deserve to be in soon. Perhaps even stronger then they are now”.
Resolving contracts.- This is something the club needs to do in the next few weeks. They need to do this well and its is the first step which needs to be solved for the future. I know the fans what to know what will be the new sports plan but firstly the club needs to resolve these contracts which I will be doing myself”.
Alternatives.- “If the best option is to put a player out on loan until next year to a second division team this is something we might do”.
Trainer.- “David Amaral has a contract, which was something we decided whether the team was saved or not. This said any decision taken in the sports area will be made by the new sports director. Who will of course have my support and advice”.

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