Moreno talks about how pleased he was to have played

The game on Saturday with Albacete Balompié-CD Tenerife was very special for Moreno. The player from the CDT second team made his debut for the first side. The local player spoke yesterday to the club website after his return from the mainland about how happy he was to have played and won.
“I am some what tired from the trip, but really happy that we won, that I was in the squad and had the chance to play. Exactly the opposite to what I expected I was really calm. When we warmed up I was a little nervous but on the pitch you just put your head down and play. It was great first game to win. All the players helped me a lot. We played well together”, he said at the start of the interview.
“The game wasn't very tense as both teams are in two B. I really enjoyed the match”, he added. All my life I have played as a central defender, but this year I have been moved forward. I have to say I have adapted to this position well”, he concluded.

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