Amaral hopes to calm and enthuse the players

David Amaral in his interview this Friday started by analysing the game against Real Valladolid. The game tomorrow afternoon will be difficult but “as always we are going to try to add points to our total. The is no other option for us but to try to find a win even if the game is hard. If we could finish the season better than we are this would be good. We have pride and humility”.
The coach from Arico stated that “Things went as they did. There will be life after this season finishes but there are still 4 rounds and we want to finish as well as we can. We need to demonstrate professionalism. We are only thinking about the next game and nothing more. Talk about the following game doesn't help us”.
Amaral continued about the whole situation: “It makes you so cross the whole thing. That the team is in this situation. Those of us who love the team and the fans all feel really bad. It is clear we did not achieve our targets”.
In respect to Real Valladolid, the blue and white trainer said, “they have played the last few games well and still have chances to reach the playoffs. They found new players and have recovered their spirit. They have gone from less to more. That shows real character in a team, they managed to escape the relegation zone”.
Lastly the CD Tenerife coach was asked about the players. His reply was concise: “If you are in an uncomfortable situation, the first thing you need to do is calm the footballers. We need to do this and keep them motivated until the end of the championship. They need to be clear headed and play the best they can”.

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