Julio Alvarez hopes to fulfil his obligations.

“We want to finish the season in the most professional manner we can and fulfil our obligations”, commented Julio Álvarez. The blue and white mid fielder hopes to win against Real Valladolid, but “we are realistic and we know it is very complicated”.
The player added that “we are conscious that we have done things well and that finally football shows you that. We have played well the whole season and this is sad for everybody. We had many chances, in spite of the mistakes we made. This makes you more angry”.
Julio Álvarez considered that “we were missing many things to take us through a complicated situation. We are professionals and now we need to look forward, pick ourselves up and move on as we can”.
Lastly the player was asked about his future, his answer was clear: “we haven't talked but the club needs to make their ideas clear and us ours. I came here with the idea to play in the first league but things change”.

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