I would like to ask the fans not to abandon us. I will try to recover what we lost ...- Concepcion

Miguel Concepción was reelected as president of CD Tenerife, leading the renewal of the administrative council for the blue and white team the other members are, Pedro Suárez, Conrado González, Indalecio Pérez y Ricardo Siverio.
The extraordinary meeting took place in the Sala de Conferencias del Espacio Cultural de la Caja General de Ahorros de Canarias (CajaCanarias), in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, at 17.00. The only point of order at the meeting was the naming of the mew council and the only team presenting themselves was that of Miguel Concepción.
At the meeting there were 39.675 shares represented which is 30,45 % of the total capital, concequently as there was 25% of the shares the meeting could take place. The renewal of the council was voted in by 39.045 votes no votes against and 1.58% abstained.

Miguel Concepción afterwards asked the CD Tenerife fans not to abandon the team even though there had been two relegation’s. The president of the blue and whites talked about the reality of the club, its difficult economic situation and the fact the had been obliged to restructure the squad. He also thanked Enrique Estévez & Antonio Padrón who have retired as member of the council and will go on to help with the CD Tenerife foundation.
CONTINUITY.- “My intention was to retire after the five years but I couldn't turn my back on the club. We didn't see today an alternative to my team. I could only then continue as the maximum share holder”.
FUTURE.- “We can only look forwards. This league was a disaster and now we have to get up and go on. The project is a new squad with good players from two B and some older players from Segunda. The only objective is to go back up. It will be a young squad with the youth teams having the chance to take part. We want to build a framework for a team in Segunda”.
ECONOMY- “There are difficulties that we need to solve. We have talked to CajaCanarias about a some space in the repayment structure and we are negotiating with the tax office. We are close to having an agreement and I am sure it will be signed soon. The players know what is happening, three months ago I told them if we went down we would have serious problems”.
To find the money to pay this years wages we already had to look under rocks, no one should forget that the plan was to go up. Their contracts were signed for Segunda and La liga, not for two B. If there are players who want to stay on their present wages we will need to explain things carefully as this seems unfair. We will not allow them to drown the club. That doesn't seem fair. I won't deny if the new sports director is interested in any of the actual squad we will make an effort but with a revision of his contract”.
SQUAD.- “In two B the players go from good to very good and earn between 50.000 and 120.000 euros a season. I will not change the way we work. I only name sports directors. The coach will be picked by the new sports director. Amaral ha a contract for the next season but I can't be sure that the new sports director will want him as coach, If not I will not insist”.
OPOSITION.-  “70 % of the capital in this club is split, and consequently I can't see how anyone could say I control everything. I have said and repeated that my intention was to serve five years. I said if anyone was prepared to take over I would stand aside but I am not prepared to let the club go to the wall. Where is the alternative project. The only one I can see right now is mine. If you want to kill the only project there is then go ahead. I know there are others who are capable out there but they need to step up”.
REESTRUCTURING.- “There will be some changes in the club. Some staff will have to go. Money coming in has halved and there is no choice but to lessen outgoings. That said in two B we will be he club with the highest budget. I can't talk today about quantities. We should never have gone down, it was an accident. To stay in La Liga was hard as we had a very limited budget. Last year the three teams with the lowest budget were relegated. Here and now we all need to do our bit for CD Tenerife, but I will not force anyone. With 30 million euros you cannot maintain a place in La Liga and our budget wasn't that high. Right now I can't tell why we were relegated but we all said last August that this was a team with aspirations and we were all wrong. I did everything in my power to chance things. In two B we can't pay back the debts as our objective is to make a strong team and go back up. We can't stay in this category we need to move back up as soon as possible”.
NINO.- “Has suffered with the relegation he is a good player and any team would want him as he is a great professional”.
FANS.- “The best thing that CD Tenerife has is the fan base. I am responsible for what happened in the club and therefore it is not enough to apologize I need to fix things. I would like to ask the fans not to abandon us. I will try to recover what we lost and we will work hard to achieve this. What we really have here has nothing to do with which league we play in, it is the fans, and island fan base and that of the whole region. Things are how they are and we have lost this year But I can only tell you we are going to win. I ask again please don't abandon the club”.

Pedro Cordero is the new sports director for CD Tenerife. Miguel Concepción, announced this in the press conference after the meeting in the CajaCanarias. Cordero will be presented next week. The club president has asked for time to adapt and stated that he will not give interviews until the presentation.


Pedro Cordero Sánchez (17 August 1968) was a player in the first division in Real Murcia and in Albacete where he played with Rommel Fernandez. In Segunda he played in Salamanca, Badajoz & Toledo. As sports director he has worked in Águilas (Segunda B). He is a qualified coach.
Concepción commented that, “My relationship with Pina has been a friendship since he supported my entrance into the league commission, when he was still in Ciudad de Murcia. Pina is president of Granada CF and advisor for Udinese. I have talked to him about players who might be interesting for CD Tenerife”.
“I want to make clear that Pedro Cordero will be working for CD Tenerife independently. He is experienced and this will assure he can manage the project. I can't say if he is a friend Enrique Pina”, he added.
Miguel Concepción signalled that “Juanjo Lorenzo will be leaving all the information he has as did Santiago Llorente before. Pedro Cordero will look at this information. He will then design the new team. If we have to make an effort then we will manage this somehow. I believe he is the ideal person for the job”.
“We have a strong professional coming to work here and I hope he will adapt easily. He knows the category well and will form a good group. This is especially important at this level”, he finished.

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