Pedro Cordero presented as new sports director

Miguel Concepción was at the press conference in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López, where the new CD Tenerife sports director, Pedro Cordero was presented. He has signed for a year which will be extended to a second year if the team moves up to the second division.
The blue and white president, to start with spoke about Cordero. “He is a man with vast experience who was in the first division with Murcia & Albacete. All his life he has worked in the football industry and recently collaborated with Granada CF. He knows the two B league well and which players we will need for the new project, he can make a group which is very important for us”.
When asked about Juanjo Lorenzo, the director from La Palma said, “the new sports director is taking the reins and Juanjo Lorenzo will tell him what he has done until now. When he has done this he can leave the club”.
Miguel Concepción also reminded that “the reality is that we are in two B and we need to make a competitive team to go back to the second division”.
Lastly, the man who is finally responsible for the CDT team talked about the coach. “I am concentrated on the next game and am sure we will not lose against UD Las Palmas. The new sports director will be here and he will decide whether David Amaral will take part in this new project”, he finished.

Pedro Cordero was presented and commented on the following points in the press conference:
Thanks.- I want to thank the president for the trust he has given me and Juanjo Lorenzo for showing me all the work he has done so far. We need to be conscious that this will be a difficult year.

Trainer.- Right now our coach is David Amaral. He has a year more on his contract. We will take a decision after the match against Las Palmas. I want to see what he says. To judge what he has done and see if he is the person suitable to lead this project. Right now we will leave him in
peace to concentrate on the game against Las Palmas.

Signings.- We need to be calm and have patience as many players still have contracts. It would be very complicated to maintain these in two B and they will need to leave. To sign new player we will need to have some go. This doesn't mean that we have not been looking at the future. We need players who can adapt quickly to this new league as the jump from Segunda or La Liga can need some time to adapt. The players need to be aware of the new leave”.

Kitoko.- I have talked to Kitoko and explained that we would like him to stay. He has shown he can play at this level since he arrived. He will be an important player next season. But we can't forget that the player isn't ours and we will need to fight to have him stay in the club”.

Agreements.- I am CD Tenerife's sports director. Decisions will be made by me alone and the president will have the last word. I will be the one who signs players and the coach will train the players who come. This doesn't mean I won't listen to his opinion. We will of course take advantage of the connection we have with Udinese & Granada to benefit CD Tenerife.

Youth players.- CD Tenerife has always had one of the best youth squads in Spain. They played the play offf against Sestao , a game which I saw, and I think we can use five or sixplayerss from the squad in the first team.

Market.- The most important thing is to adapt to the new level. We need to look for quality players who know how to adapt. It will be a hard year and a lesson in humility.

Merino.- We need to keep talking to Alfredo Merino. I still have to talk more to him and than we will decide. Listening is very important and then we will see if he is the ideal person.

Pre-season.- From next week we will decide who will do pre-season with us and who will not.

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