After the season finishes I need to talk to the club - Nino

Nino & Carlos Bellvís were the two players interviewed on Tuesday after the training session in the Ciudad Deportiva.
The forward from Almeria was first and started by saying the game on Saturday was special as “many players will be leaving. It is the last game at home this season and I hope we will play well. We will go out to win, although this doesn't mean much, but we always try to win the three points”.
When asked about his contract with CD Tenerife, Nino stated that “we will see what happens. I am waiting for the season to finish and then we will see what happens. Being realistic it is complicated that I will still be here next year. Possibly this will be my last game but I need to talk to the club and then take a decision”.
The blue and white forward, talked about how sad the relegation made him. “Fans like those here in CD Tenerife don't deserve this, but unfortunately this is what has happened. It is a blow for everyone”.
Lastly, Nino talked about the four years he has spent in the island. What he has seen and felt playing for CD Tenerife. “I have been treated so well and have played as well as I know the whole time. I have been treated very well everywhere I have been on the island and in the stadium which has been great”.
Carlos Bellvís, started by talking about SD Ponferradina. “We have a game against another team who has been relegated which will give the youth players a chance to demonstrate they can play at this level”.
He was asked if he sees himself in the club next season to which he replied, “Lets see what happens to the players who still have a contract. Right now I am playing and we will see what happens. If I am told I have to go I will start looking in the holiday period”.
To conclude the blue and white defender talked about his playing since Amaral was coach. “I have found a rhythm. I am happy for myself but as a group it is terrible the team had been relegated. Right now we need to finish as high as we can in case there is a team who can't pay their players and e can take their place”.

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