Josmar is happy to have played but wanted the team to win.

Pablo Sicilia & Josmar Zambrano attended the press this Monday. The first the defender from Gran Canaria, one of the captains of the team started by saying “We need to continue to play with gusto every game to get out of this. It is a hard blow the loss against Huesca and now we have to do our best in the nine games that we are left to play”.
Sicilia, also recommended that they turn the page, “This Monday we went back to training with the only thought in our mind being the game against Alcorcon and the three points we need to win there to change the dynamics. We need to give everything and only think about the three points. We need to be at the top of our game. The whole island is behind us and for ourselves we need to go all out to compete”.
In reference to the arrival of the new trainer, the Canary Island player pointed out, “We know David Amaral and hope that everything turns out well. We want to win and will work hard for this. It is clear that we have made mistakes and for one reason or other we didn't win games. We are stuck here at the bottom and we are the ones who need to gt out of there and improve everything we are doing”.
The blue and white ‘6’ continued saying, “We need to throw out the rest and that is what we are going to do. We really want it. We have been to many months in the relegation positions and we need to cling to the possibility we can be saved. We need to show this on Sunday”, he finished.
Josmar Zambrano, on his side, started talking about the individual and collective feeling. “Personally I am happy to have had the chance to play again but I am also sad for the loss e took. We are only thinking about the game on Sunday and a win in Alcorcon”.
When asked about the loss on Saturday the Venezuelan player confessed that “it was a hard blow to lose against Huesca but we are going to fight to move out of there and we need to look to next weekends game. It is normal that the fans aren't happy as the team isn't doing well, but they have always supported us and I hope it will continue this way” he added.
To finish, Josmar Zambrano said they wouldn't throw in the towel, “I think there are still chances and I hope the team can save itself. We need to go all out in Alcorcón”, he concluded.

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