David Amaral says there is still time.

David Amaral is clear that the only result valid for CD Tenerife this weekend in their circumstances is a win. “We need the three points and lets see if we are capable of winning them. I have a good feeling now about the game on Saturday. We will try to be a competitive team”. This is how the blue and white trainer started his conference in the press conference in the Heliodoro on Thursday, when he talked about the latest CD Tenerife news and above all about the visit of Villarreal B.
“If we don't feel good it is something we need to ignore. Here and now we all need to take part and do our best”, explained the coach to the media.
“It was a hard blow in Alcorcon because small mistakes still condemn us to losses. We did more good than bad things but it wasn't to be. I have seen how the players are working every day and I am happy with their commitment. Everybody is concentrated and conscious of how important this is”, commented the trainer from Arico about the position the team finds itself in with eight points away from a safety position.
“In this position you need to train well, with hard work and then to be competitive. They all know he who trains hard plays better”, he added.
Amaral has clear what the recipe is to improve: “If we want to get out from under we need to let in no goals or at least score more goals than our opponents. We know at this stage of the league, all the teams have a lot in mind. We need to minimise our mistakes to have chances. We need to read the games better and be attentive to each and every play”.
David Amaral called for the crowds to try to help to bring things back saying:
“It is normal that the fans are unhappy because of the way the results have been but there are still chances and we are going to hold onto them. In the stadium they have always been there for us and I hope they will be there to help on Saturday to help. I know if this help is there they players will feel more supported”.
Lastly when asked about Villarreal B he commented “It is a second squad, with a very defined style, defined by the first team. They are young quality players who can take off at any moment. We need to be very attentive”.

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