Marc and Melli want to prove on the field that the team is ready

The captain for CD Tenerife, Marc Bertrán, was interviewed on Wednesday in the press room in the Heliodoro, where he admitted at the start “we are really fed up because in the last few games we have lost but if we win against Nástic, we will have more chance. Our only intention is to go to Tarragona for the three points”.
As he continued the player from Llerida stated, “We need to only think about this Saturday. We have had a bad run but if we beat Nastic we will be back with a chance. We need to be positive. We need to do things right and win this game. We now the objective is difficult but not impossible. We are going to try everything we can to achieve this. We need to move game by game with the next game being the most important”, he added.
“The team appaers convinced” continued Bertran, “with confidence and belief we can do this. This is the only message we can send. We need to go all out for everything in Tarragona. There are more than three points in play. It will be a hard game and we are confident in the game. This is our chance”.
To conclude the blue and white captain stated that “from now on we nee to talk on the field. There are no alternatives. We can fall sunk or if we go on up”.
His companion Melli was also there to be interviewed, he recognised that there are “a lot of need to get back to the team. This is a final and we need to do our best. I want to be as fit as possible for this weekend”.
The Central from Andalusia, also centred on the game in the Nou Estadi. You need to think, above all for this Saturday. Nastic is a direct rival and to win the three points will put us back in the fight”.
The blue and white ‘18’ also pointed out that, “we need to move this forward. The implication is there for us all. We need to go out hard and all the way. The season is really hard but we still have a chance to save the team , There are some direct games and we need to move them forward”.
Melli, para concluir, aclaró que “el equipo está bien. Hay que ganar un poco de confianza y dar lo máximo para buscar la victoria”, terminó

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