Pregame interview with Antonio Tapia.

Antonio Tapia, the CD Tenerife trainer was interviewed in his habitual pre-game interview. The team fly tomorrow Friday to Madrid and then travel onto Numancia.
The squad include he named are: Luis García, Bertrán, Hidalgo, Pablo Sicilia, Nino, Ricardo, Igor, Omar Ramos, Natalio, Beranger, Aragoneses, Kome, Juanlu, Melli, Luna, Julio Álvarez, Kitoko y Dubarbier. He commented that the next rival, “is a team with talent, they can score goals and want to move up the table. But our motivation is great. We are going to fight to the end and go all out for the victory. We know what we are playing for and will do our very best to get there and save the team”.
The coach of the blue and whites considered, “There are 14 finals. In every game we are playing for the three points and understand the objective. We will fight and travel with the hope to play a good game and win the points”.

Tapia, when asked about the group admitted that “the team is working hard and except in odd moments is good. We have added 10 points in the last section of the competition and need to keep going. The block is competing well”.

As well, the Andalusian coach reminded that “losing at home always leaves you with a bad taste. Against Barcelona B things didn't work out and we lost. But, with our capacities we will look to fight on in Soria and see if we can find some balance. In the last few games away from home the problem we have had was we didn't score. In Vigo and Cartageña we lost by only one goal but we have also aslo won against rivals who are further up the table”.

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