Julio Alvarez speaks of his hopes for the team.

Julio Álvarez, CD Tenerife footballer, was the player who met with the media before they returned to the island. The midfielder commented that, “if we can't win , the best thing is not to lose. The game against Cartageña was very even, it was a classic game in the second division and we played against a rival who is one of the best in the league. A single error decided the result”.
The blue and white player knew the key to the game was in “the first half. We had the game under control and any ball we robbed allowed us to take the ball with chances. I think if we had made the most of these chances then the game would have finished differently as Cartageña would have had to come to us and we would have been more secure with possession of the ball”.
Julio Álvarez believed that the group “need to maintain the way we were playing in the first half. We need to rob the ball further down the field as they took risks with the ball. If we had scored they would have had to open up but the ones who were troubled were us as they scored”.

The midfielder for the island team continued about the game in the Cartañova: “This rival was like Celta, a team who makes you run as they have possession. It doesn't look like that but whether you want to or not you end up exhausted”.
But the loss is now forgotten and they are just thinking about he Barcelona B league match: “I don't like to think about the rivals, We need to concentrate on ourselves, to do things well and know what we are looking for against the next team. If they get space then they will kill us. They need to feel uncomfortable in our home and not have things easy. They play with a lot of freedom and are a complicated rival. We need to play with our arms”.
Lastly, Julio Álvarez talked about his actions: “I am very comfortable, I am starting to feel better and play better in games. Every weekend I am better and what I most wanted to do is add things to make the team better. Personally I wast to improve to continue growing so I can help the squad”.

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