Interviews with Dani Kome, Luna, Gregory Beranger & Marc Bertrán

Gregory Beranger & Marc Bertrán were interviewed on Thursday after the training session in the El Mundialito grounds.
The French defender firstly commented in the way CD Tenerife were playing in the last few games. “We need to look at the game against Cartageña and keep the positive things we managed in mind. You can see that the team is improving. We are strong at home in the Heliodoro ad we need to stay that way. The game against Barcelona B will be hard as they have been on a winning run, but we need to break that. If we play as we should then we will have chances for the three points. We need to think about our game and prepare the best we can, we still have several days to do this”.
Marc Bertrán, then talked. He started by saying about Mondays game that, “this will be an important game. We are once again in a difficult position in the table and we need to follow the style of play we have had in the last few games. We need to improve and keep growing”.
About Barcelona B, he commented that, “they have some great players, real quality players. We are expecting a complicated game and we will need to be mentally prepared to play well. We need to play our game not get caught up in the opponents style especially as we are at home”.
To finish Bertran talked about the magic in the Heliodoro. “It's true that we need the points and in our ground we need to give everything, once more to win. It is hard but if we are consistent we will get out of relegation. You can see that the team wants to compete”.
Ezequiel Luna & Dani Kome were the two players interviewed on Friday. The first indicated that , “we need to think about the next game. We know that the Barcelona B team is a difficult team. We are going to play our game and try to win three more points”.
“we need to keep working “, the Argentine player continued. We need to keep them under control and play hard all the time”, he added.
In spite of the loss against Cartagena, Luna was still optimistic. “We are still looking better, above all at home. We are strong in the Heliodoro. We have been improving and and need to continue this way. We need to think about our game and how to win. That’s what counts”.
The “19” in the blue and white team finished saying, “a defender always hopes that the gaol will be empty. Sometimes we have achieved this above all recently. We are still working on things and we need to look to win”.
Dani Kome, when he talked spoke of the difficulties in the up coming game. “To play against Barcelona B is always complicated but we need to be strong at home. Especially right now when we need the points so badly”.
The midfielder from Cameroon also hopes they way they played recently continues. “I think that we look different now. Not just when we play in the Heliodoro but also away. From the first minute we need to go all out”, he finished.

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