Marc Bertran thinks the team can be saved.

The CD Tenerife captain, Marc Bertrán, was one of the players interviewed today Tuesday in the press room in the El Mundialito training grounds. First he spoke of the game against Cordoba, “Everything got very complicated, there is no denying this. We need everyone of us to find the best we can from inside ourselves and bring this to the games that are left. Not so long ago we won three games out of four and we can repeat this now”.
“We are all playing for everything” continued the defender from Llerida. He added that, “here in the changing rooms we believe we can do this and now is the time to show the fans. We need to achieve results. That the fans are angry is normal. We owe them a great deal”.
Bertrán, also spoke of the union between the squad and how they hope to solve this together, “The captains are here to help, and in a team everyone is important. If we pull together we can do this. Without a doubt. We are going to fight to the end. No doubts, we are going to get to the end”.
Lastly and in reference to the next rival the blue and white number ‘2’ indicated that “We know that Elche is doing well right now, but our situation means we have to go out for those points. With a victory, the things will seem different. The reality is this, we are who we are and nothing counts except going out to look for solutions”.
For his part, David Prieto, who was also interviewed, started by talking about the possible squad for the next game. “I hope to be able to help the team. I have been training hard in the hope I would get another chance to play. We need to work hard the weeks that are left and if I get to play I will try as best as I can to help the team”.
Above all when asked about the squad he replied, “We need to change our mentality. We are not gong to give up and we will give everything against Elche. We need to raise our heads and look forward. The three points from Sunday are really important”, he finished.

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