Friday's Interview With Antonio Tapia before the Important Game Against Elche

“We need to take risks, we will be brave” said, Antonio Tapia, CD Tenerife trainer in the press conference on Friday after the training session on Friday in the El Mundialito grounds. The trainer from Cordoba reminded that “The situation in the table is preoccupying and we are looking everywhere for solutions”.
The blue and white trainer admitted that “the solutions we need are footballing, we are looking for a balance where we give no advantages to our rivals. We have to be strong in defence as well as creating chances for scoring goals. Here there are lots of people who are having a bad time but no one is going to hide. I am convinced that the players are committed and Sunday I hope to get the right team to play”.
Antonio Tapia considered that one of the keys is “in making the goals we score count. But I insist, we can't commit bad errors that allow the opponents to take chances. We need to activate the players so they can make decisions and play well. It is something we have tried all the time and I am sure we can achieve this”.
The coach from Andalusia, also remarked that “I would prefer to always play at home as there we are carried by our fans Now we are going to visit a rival here in the second division who needs the points like us. We are looking for a victory we desperately need”.
When asked about the gesture form the fans who left sign on the training grounds on Friday, Tapia signalled: “I want thank the fans for all their support. Things like the signs give us extra strength and the club also thanks the fans for this gesture. We all hope to give them a good game and above all the three points”.
When asked about this Sunday's rivals, the referee for the island team said “Elche is a dynamic winner. Their game is very effective and they are playing with the thought of the play off positions. But we have be able to win three games out of four. We need that little bit of luck that we haven't had in the last few games, sometimes through our own errors. I have the same worries I had when I arrived but I know we can do things right”.
Lastly, Antonio Tapia wanted to relieve any stress there might have been with the players. “One of the things I wanted to comment on today was that Marc Bertrán went over to Sebastián Dubarbier as soon as training was over to apologise for his action yesterday”.

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