Nino and Hidalgo talk

“In the changing room you can feel the sense of responsibility. Our situation is very bad and has been since we first started this year. We are all suffering badly and want to move up the table however we can”.
This is how the captain Nino started his interview today Wednesday in the Heliodoro. He talked for a long time about how difficult the team were finding things and how it affected them.
“We are preparing for the game. We had another blow last weekend and hope to break this bad run. We need to feel better. We want to do this. Against Elche we need to win as they are three very important points. Nothing else counts but to win. We need to take the step once and for all and move up the table. We have the ability to beat Elche” he stated.
Nino played a large part of his career for Elche CF, but right now there is no thought about being sentimental: I always like to visit the Martínez Valero stadium. But right now CD Tenerife is playing for everything”.
“I am confident that my colleagues can move forward. Every one of us has a special character and we are all going to fight as hard as we can. It is a really bad feeling to be where we are right now” commented the player from Almeria. He sees Antonio Tapia as the most important person to help the group saying: “The coach is really helping us. We are all together and this is how we will go on, along that line”.
“No one thought we would be here now. We are troubled to live through this situation and are going to try our best. We are going to try to stay fresh. We need to work for the fans that we have. I am still amazed by how things are here. I have lived through some great moments in my career and nearly all of the, have been with CD Tenerife. This is the sport to live for”, he finished
Antonio Hidalgo was the other player interviewed this Wednesday. He stated that, “On a sporting level this has been the most difficult season of my career. But no one here is going to give up. No one should think that we are not going to fight to the end. Here with this squad we have played better and worse but we have always tried to do our best”.
For Hidalgo it is evident that “We are doing very badly. We can't hide from that. The worst thing that can happen is that we drown in this pessimism. That the fans no longer believe in us. We hope with this thought in mind to look for the win on Sunday to help us with this”.
“Right now the situation is very complicated and we need to prove ourselves. We are really cross knowing all that the team means for the island. There is nothing left but to play for three points”, he added.
“We need to be brave and demonstrate we are still alive. We need to step up as now every game needs to count. We need to go back to playing the way we were five rounds ago”, the player finished.

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