Captain Pablo Sicilia calls for one last push.

Two of the CD Tenerife captains, Sergio Aragoneses & Pablo Sicilia, were the players interviewed today, they both talked about the position the team finds itself.
The keeper from Galicia signalled for the first time “our options of salvation come by winning in Tarragona. We need to bring these three points home however. This is the last train, this is what we think, and we need to catch it this time”.
On this theme he continued saying, “We can't be depressed and we need to try. We are living a very hard year. The situation is very complicated for all of us”.
The blue and white keeper, finished by advising that, “The only way to look forward is to beat Nastic. Everything works by winning games, every game every weekend from now to the end of the league. It is the moment to concentrate on our job, to talk on the field to move forward”.
Pablo Sicilia, then talked, starting by stating, “the squad is more united than ever. This is important and now we need to show this on the field. We need to play for everything”.
In reference to the talk that the technical team had with the player on Tuesday the defender from Gran Canaria commented that, “Talks are always helpful. We need to save the season and we can't leave anything behind”.
“Every game needs to be a final”. Continued Sicilia, who added that “we know against Nastic we are playing for everything. We are going out to compete and we need to give everything we have”.
The island player, equally, valued the importance of a win in the Nou Estadi. “If we win, we will see a way out. Without excuses we need to go out to win. This is and will be our mentality”. It isn't easy to play in a situation like this, but we are professionals but we need to take this moment as a challenge”, he added.
The blue and white ‘6’ lastly wanted to send a message to the fans. “I understand that the fans are hurt and cross with us but from here let me ask for one last effort, so between us, we can take Tenerife out of this situation”, he concluded.

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