Antonio Calderón - Coaches comments after the game

Antonio Calderón was critical about some aspects of the game played by CD Tenerife last night but was positive about the commitment given by the players. The blue and white trainer was interviewed after the game on Thursday night against Atlético de Granadilla, the first friendly game which ended in a loss.
“We were asleep in the first few minutes, above all with the still ball. We didn't adapt to the ground. These are things we need to improve. I am happy about the work done by the young players although we know some are still to arrive. The least important was the result though I didn't like how the goals went in”, explained the trainer.
Calderón understands that what happened in the game on Thursday in the Francisco Suárez ground was a blow for many: “We need to understand we will see many rivals like this. Every rival will push hard”.
The trainer from Andalusia was pleased with how the players were in general. “Physically I saw the group in good form. It was hard to keep the level. Some players were on the field the 90 minutes. In this aspect I felt they did well” he pointed out.
“We need a centre half to balance the team” was his comment when asked about Pedro Cordero's work in building the team for the up coming team.

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