Great signing, Sergio extends his contract for an extra year.

“I am really pleased to be staying on the island”. Sergio Aragoneses displayed certain satisfaction about his option to stay with CD Tenerife. “I am satisfied that this was the right decision”, he declared yesterday on the club website. The player from Galicia admitted he has refused offers from higher leagues to stay and we grateful that “Tenerife has placed their trust in me”.
Sergio Aragoneses will stay connected with the club. “It is what I had hoped for to stay on the island”, declared the player. The blue and white keeper, one of the captains last year, claimed that he was “very happy” to form part of the new project.
“The club has given me many things said Sergio, “and what I am is thanks to Tenerife”. “After looking at the various options which were attractive I decided to stay here” he commented happily.
The Galician stated his thanks: “to the club for their support and to the fans who have never failed us”. “Right now, between us all, we are going to fight to achieve the objective”, he pointed out, “without any doubts this is one of the reasons I stayed”.

Many of the fans were pleased to here this news. The never really got the chance to thanks him for his efforts last season as before the last home game he had stated his desire to stay even taking a pay cut. When the club then talked about letting him go many of us felt sad but in the end it has all worked out. There is no doubt what ever his reasons for staying he is a great addition to the squad and someone who can help form the team.

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