Pablo is home in Gran Canaria, he hopes to get well soon to help the team.

Pablo Sicilia is now at home in Gran Canaria, with his family. The l CD Tenerife defender was operated on last Tuesday in Madrid for the injury he received on the field in the match against Las Palmas. “Many people have contacted me to wish me well”, said the player in thanks for the support he has received. His only thought now is “to get better and play again”.
Pablo Sicilia was allowed to leave the hospital after the operation on his ligaments in his right leg. The CD Tenerife defender will now stay in Gran Canaria with his family. He commented today “I feel a lot better” to the club website. “The first few hours after the operation I was very uncomfortable, especially Tuesday night”, he admitted, “although now I feel better”. “I was able to come home to be with my family” he added.
The blue and white number “6” is as ever optimistic about his recovery for the next few months though he admits they will be hard. “I have had a lot of support, and this is great”, he thanked everyone. He pointed out that the club president had phoned him to see how he was and had said that the most important thing was Pablo's recovery. “I thanks everyone for their support” he repeated.
Sicilia explained that “when the accident happened and even after, I didn't think it was so bad. Not until Monday when I had tests done did I realise how serious my leg was”. He pointed out that “the operation was really quick”. “The two doctors Juanjo Valencia & Pedro Guillén communicated really well and now I just need to concentrate on getting better, that is the most important thing, so I can come back and play again”.
Lastly, Pablo Sicilia indicated that “I know when I finally get back on the grass I will play well and I hope to be able to help the team achieve the aims for the season”

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