Interview with new player Javier Tarantino

Javier Tarantino is preparing to start a new sporting experience. The new blue and white player told the club website yesterday that he was “very happy and excited with the Tenerife project” As well he added that “from the first moment I rated the clubs interest very highly”.
Javier Tarantino is the forth player to arrive this season to the CD Tenerife ranks. The Basque defender has finalised his stay in Albacete Balompié, commenting that “it was a great time” and he looked forward to “his time on the island”.
The footballer who trained in the youth sides of Club de Bilbao assured the club that “since I first heard of the interest of the club from sports director, Pedro Cordero”. “There was interest in me from several 2A clubs" he added, “but I have chosen to come to Tenerife”.
Looking at the next season, Tarantino is clear what to expect “it will be a great challenge, and I am sure it won't be easy”. He finished We will need to work hard and be humble”.
NOTA photo given by web official Albacete Balompié.

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