Amaral asks the fans for forgiveness

David Amaral had his usual Friday interview with the press before the game today, in which he started talking about the derby against UD Las Palmas. “The hope and desire to win are guaranteed and lets see if things go right. We are going out to play a fully motivated rival. We are going to play with some of our youth team who have been added to the squad. This is their moment”.
In reference to whether he will stay in CD Tenerife next season, the coach from Arico commented “this is an important game for the club. I am not going to talk about my personal situation but concentrate on the game. Everything else needs to be left for another time”.
“This is going to be traumatic for us, but we travel with the hope we can show what we are worth, calling on our pride and professionalism. Lets see if we can achieve a positive result”, added the chief coach for the blue and white team.
When questioned about the fact that eight players from the second team had been added to the squad David Amaral confirmed that “they are good players who have shown this. It is a prize for everything they have proved during the season. If they have the chance to play it will give them a boost”.
Amaral, who asked for “forgiveness and mitigation from the fans because things didn't work out the way we had hoped”, assuring that the objective this Saturday in the stadium in Gran Canaria is “to try to do the best we can, we will be concentrated on Saturday. Lets see if we can manage a positive result”.
Finally, the CD Tenerife referred to how they expect to be received by the UD Las Palmas fans. “They have been through this situation and I hope they will treat us the way they would like to be treated. On our part we know what it will be like and will live with it” he concluded.

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