The club sponsors pledge their continued support.

On the club website there was the following report.

This season as ever the club CD Tenerife has been able to count on the help of its sponsors. A collection of companies we have supported the club in the last few years and after the end of this season have stated their continued support for the coming season.
We are pleased to state that in spite of the relegation from 2a to 2b this season 10/11, our sponsors have had the confidence to keep supporting CD Tenerife, conscious of the repercussion that there would be if they stopped supporting us now.
The island team has received the continuous support from the Canarian tourist board, The Tenerife island government, CajaCanarias (Banca Cívica), Tv Canaria, Cepsa, Islas, Traysesa, Volkswagen (Cuatromocion SL y Hatusa), Fuentealta (www.fuentealta.es), Luanvi, Clínica Parque, Egatesa & Grupo Gomasper.
The assistance the name CD Tenerife gives to the island has not been missed by important institutions like the Canarian tourist board and they Island government. The three main sponsors are these two plus savings bank CajaCanarias (Banca Cívica). To these names can be added the other companies named above who either collaborate with of provide services for the club.
This list definitively provide CD Tenerife with the support that makes them the main island team, what ever league the team plays in. Something that the club is profoundly grateful for.
With respect to the future it is very important that these companies are prepared to continue to support the club and the assurance that they and possibly other companies will support the club in the next season. Hopefully this will lead us to a strong project that will take the first team back to the 2a division.

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