I hope when the final whistle blows we are ahead.

Julio Álvarez was the player picked to talk to the media on Thursday in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López press room. Here e started talking about the game tomorrow, Friday against Xerez. “We will need to work hard to achieve a win. There are three important points and we need to fight as hard as we can”.
Following this theme he talked about the game”We need to concentrate in being the best, better than our rival. The objective is to get better with every game we play. We are competing well. We need to overcome Xerez and I hope that when the referee whistles the final blow we are ahead of our rival on the score board”.
To finish, Julio Álvarez looked at his personal journey in the blue and white team. “I am helping as much as I can had have done so since the first day. Sometimes things work out better than others. But I have always tried to add my grain of sand to the group for the teams benefit”.
The team trained for an hour and 15 mionutes today in the Heliodoro with the doors closed and present was also Josmar Zambrano from the B team. Tommorrow is the last session for the week at 11.00 again with closed doors before tomorrows nights game against Xerez.
After tomorrows session the coach will name the squad who will be present in the stadium.

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