Marc talks about the season so far.

This was Marc Bertran's 150th game for the blue and white club. Sadly it wasn't a win but Marc took some time to talk to the CD Tenerife web and here are his comments.

CD Tenerife lost in Balaídos after a run of six games without a loss. For Marc Bertrán the lesson learnt against Celta was clear. In spite of the loss the team showed they could fight. The blue and white captain talked to the Club website on Sunday.
¿How do you feel about the game in Balaídos?
“Good because the team played at a higher level, with a good defence against one of the top rivals in a difficult ground. The pity was the gaol at the end. But the team is still growing, we are improving. If we play at this level we can beat anyone”.
After two clear chances on by Melli and another by Nino, Kitoko was injured. ¿Did this influence the game?
“Kitoko is working really hard but all the player add to the team. In my opinion you don't really notice if one player or another are playing. It is true that we had a really good moment in the second half. Then they moved us back and took control especially in the last 15 minutes”.
Looking in from outside Tapia gives us the feeling that the team is more solid. There is more help and also there are more tactical fouls. How do you see this?
“The team has improved a lot. That’s a fact. Anyone can see it. With Tapia, the group has grown on many levels, but above all in defence. In this category it is normal that the teams score goals and that happens. We have played the big teams and in the last three games we have only three goals. We need to be consistent”.
The run of six games without losing is over. How do you see the future?
“I am optimistic. We had two wins which helped us endlessly- Winning one game would get us out of relegation. If we win against Xerez that would be it. We want to do this and the way we are playing is the way to go. We need to play every game as if it as the last game in the league”.
For yourself, how do you see the season and your playing?
“I am happy. At the end the team sets the level. What we want is to win and to add points. We all need to help the best we can”.

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