Interviews after the win against Rayo Vallecano

Ezequiel Luna, Antonio Hidalgo & Natalio Lorenzo were the three players from CD Tenerife who passed through the press area on Sunday after the end of the game against Rayo. The blue and white players showed their happiness after the win against the leader of the Liga Adelante.

Luna: “I am happy that we won and above all for a win at home. This second win helps our confidence. Now we need to get back to work for the next game to continue to add points. The team is moving up and this is what we want to do. The group is different now, we see things better. But we still haven't achieved anything we need to continue to fight to move out of relegation. I didn't watch the referee so I can't comment on his calls. But everyone can make mistakes, we are all human after all. As each game passes we feel better. The shame was the goal at the end of the game as we worked very hard not to let in any goals. The fans were a great help today and we thank them”.
Antonio: “The team gets better day by day and this is the line we need to follow. We look more compact right now more like a team. The fans helped us considerably in what was a difficult game. We still have a lot of work to do. Last week the coach tried me in the position Kitoko played at the weekend. He has shown a great deal of confidence in me and I want to thank him for that. Tapia is slowly showing us how we need to play and the results are a confirmation we are doing well. The players have stepped up to the line. When you take a penalty you can have no doubts and this is why I scored twice”.
Natalio: “We know that without working 100% there will be no three points. The trainer talked frequently about the match during the week and the team worked hard to be here. The referee was rigorous, some things were in our favor and some things were not. I am still waiting to score that little goal but I am sure it will come. As we have better results our confidence grows. We were under a lot of pressure but now we are calmer and more relaxed. We are going from less to more but we can't stop now. We need to be ambitious and look up the table”

Then coach Antonio Tapia talked saying “We knew that this would be a hard fought game. We were playing a rival who is on form and leader in the competition. The only way to finish victorious was not to let our guard down. We needed to be good in defence and attack. We should make the most of our chances as we did today. The fans took us with them, their support carried us. Now we have a week in front of us to improve things that can be improved”.
This is how Antonio Tapia commented on the game CD Tenerife won against Rayo Vallecano on Sunday Morning in the Heliodoro. The blue and white trainer emphasised the effort made by the players to beat the leader. The Andalucian coach showed his satisfaction for the result during the press conference which was held after the game during which he made several pointed remarks.
About the refereeing of Pino Zamorano he didn't want to comments much saying “About the referees normally I don't make statements as their job is very hard”. Tapia turned the question around and talked again about his players in the following terms: “The game today was hard fought. We had the chances to win and made the most of them we also managed to neutralise our opponents chances. This was an important victory, against a great rival who is playing well and who has great figures for away wins. This wasn't easy and for this we need to thanks the squad and the fans. On Saturday, in Vigo, we have another complicated game but we need to continue to be humble”.
When asked about the changes in the first eleven, Tapia made clear that, “we will start the players we think will be right for each game. At the end we won this victory. We need to praise those who played and those who didn't as they are all important. We know that still we haven't achieved anything. These were three important points, but there is still a long way to go in the league. We need to remember that our aim is to move out of the relegation zone”.
Antonio Tapia was also questioned about the players he changed and he explained that “we made changes due to the cards given and the needs of the match. Dubarbier was still fit and helping the defence. Sometimes you have to take chances”.
Antonio Tapia then talked about the rival “Rayo also made chances but we neutralised them. This is how our rival only scored one goal. We can't play that our rivals don't score. It isn't the best option for us. Our plan, except at the end when Melli came on is to play the ball, not to close down and play on the other side. We did serious damage with counter attacks”.
“We need to enjoy this victory and disconnect a little. We are still missing rounds to see how the team works out, but I can see we are growing. Today this was clear. We came out of this game positively. This week we will continue ridding ourselves of the heavy weight which is holding us back”, he added.
“We need tot to be euphoric as we have a team with capacity. We need to get out from under with a level of play that permits us efficiency. The idea is to be solid, tight in defence and know how to control specific situations. This Sunday we knew how to control the game against a rival who was more together than we are”, he concluded.

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