Sebastián Dubarbier hopes for a win.

Sebastián Dubarbier talked to the press during which he admitted that there might be a chance that he will start in tomorrow's game: “I don't know if I will be starting tomorrow, but I am excited that I might get that chance”, adding that he felt, “comfortable on the island and in the team both professionally and personally”.
When asked about the style of game being imposed by Antonio Tapia, the Argentine player signaled that “the coach wants us to play well, that the group is strong along all lines. If we are capable of doing what he wants, we will have good chances to move forward” he continued.
Dubarbier, also sees the future with optimism. “Since I arrived I can see a great squad, with the strength to go forward. Now we need to think about winning all the games we can both home and away”.
The blue and white “22” reasoned the recent draws saying, “In the last few games we played well to start with. Looking from outside it was impossible to lose. But the opposition scored goals almost without trying and then everything changes”.
He continued on this theme with the words, “It is then hard to turn things around. We had no luck, but if we work a little harder we can make it together. We need as a team to be more compact more together and the fans can help us too”.
Lastly, Sebastián Dubarbier talked about that CD Tenerife finds itself in the table. “From what I can see the points are very equal. With a good run you move up and a bad one sinks you. Against Salamanca you will see a hard fought game, between two teams who need to win” he finished.

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