Antonio Tapia takes 18 players to Salamanca

Antonio Tapia offered on Thursday the list of players who will be travelling to the mainland for the game on Saturday against Salamanca.

The CD Tenerife coach is taking 18 players with him to the mainland. Six of these are different to the squad last Sunday.
Players who are repeating are: Luis García, Marc Bertrán, Antonio Hidalgo, Pablo Sicilia, Nino, Omar, Natalio, Kome, Juanlu Hens, Julio Álvarez, Dubarbier & Iriome. To this are added the two new players, Kitoko & Igor; returning to the squad are the players who were under Federation punishment, Melli, Beranger & Luna;Also travelling with the team is CD Tenerife B keeper, Dani Mederos. Players left at home are: Ricardo, Mikel, Bellvis, Aitor, Prieto & Sergio Aragoneses.
The Tenerife team trained for the last time on the island this wee on Thursday morning in the Heliodoro behind closed doors form 10am for 90 minutes.
Ricardo didn't train due to a sprained ankle he suffered yesterday, Wednesday. The rest of the squad were present and also from the CD Tenerife B, Dani Mederos &Josmar Zambrano.
The team will leave for the Spanish mainland early Friday. Their plan departs for Madrid at 07.20 where they will travel by bus to Salamanca. One in Salamanca they will have the last training session of the week in the Anexo Helmántico, from 5pm Canarian time.

Coach Antonio Tapia announced after the list was given that, “Most important in Salamanca is the chance to add three points. But we are going with the intention to improve the level of our game. What counts is to better the aspects which stop us adding points in threes. We need to concentrate on this”.
The message Antonio Tapia send is clear. The new CD Tenerife trainer knows the team finds itself in a sensitive position but understands that to get out of the bottom of the table good football needs to be played. This is how he explained it in the press conference, “If you think this match will be easy you are in for an disagreeable surprise. It is true that they have had a bad run, but this means they also need the points. For this reason they will do their best to move the game forward.
“When we look at results soon victories will reinforce our work. We are going to try to do everything within our capacities” when asked about the players “the mental aspects of the game have affected the players. We need to try, through our play to reach out for results and from there a more positive attitude will come”.
The way to overcome this crisis is therefore through results and with: “Concentration, intensity and attitude.
Tapia didn't want the team to hide behind typical excuses either: “I believe that after 22 games the team is where it deserves to be due to they way they have played. After half a league luck counts for little. In a game possibly, because of some error or a bad referees decision. But after 22 games we can't believe that we are at the bottom by chance”.
The chief trainer for CDT didn't want to give clues about who exactly would be starting in the Helmántico, only saying that “We will be playing the same style of game. We may change some things, but basically the same style”.
Tapia was also asked about the possibility of not descending at the end of the league to which he replied “salvation is to have 48 or 50 points. But right now our mission is to play well improve what we can, right now the numbers are not so important”

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