Beranger looks forward to playing again.

Gregory Beranger has been named to play in the game on Saturday in Salamanca, now that he has finished his federation punishment which kept him from playing against Girona. The French player was in the press room in the Heliodoro on Thursday and spoke about how he sees things right now in CD Tenerife.
“We want to play this game. Right now the most important factor is to win the three points”, he started explaining. For him the arrival of Antonio Tapia to the bench has meant that things have been turned around: “In the last two matches, the trainer has given us responsibility in how the ball progresses”.
When asked about the new arrivals to the club in the winter market, the defender commented that “They are here to help. We are working hard so they integrate quickly and can help us”.
Beranger also added his point of view about the home game against Girona which he was unable to play: “At 1-3 against us it would have been easy to say we couldn't win, but the team demonstrated that they have character and can come back from any situation”.
The blue and white player sees the path to recovery as the one the team is on right now: “If we can further improve the defence it will be easy. It is hard to win if your opponent scores two goals. The idea is to keep our goal at zero this weekend” he finished.

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