Two new players presented.

Ritchie Kitoko was presented on Tuesday in the press room in the HRL as the latest player for CD Tenerife. The midfielder from the Congo is on loan. Granada CF have loaned him until the end of the season. Presented by sports director Juanjo Lorenzo he will occupy a European passport place as he has a Belgian passport. He will train Wednesday for the first time with his new colleagues.

The footballer from Congo during his presentation for the club admitted that he hopes “to help the club in the situation they find themselves. It is complicated, but there is still time. The mister has explained the objectives and tomorrow I will start to train with the group”.

The blue and white midfielder stated that “for a few months I have needed to change teams as in Granada I didn't play. I am happy to be here and I am sure I am the midfielder CD Tenerife have been looking for. I will try to prove this with hard work on the field”.

Kitoko will be under orders from Tapia from Wednesday. The player explained that “I have been a few months without playing and have been training hard. I know some of the CDT players by their reputations and from playing against them. Looking at the squad they don't deserve to be in the position they are in and I am sure they can move up the table soon”.
When asked about his time in Granada, Kitoko conceded that “I am missing confidence as I haven't played. Now I am here and CD Tenerife have shown that they count on me this gives me hope. I am here to add to the work on the field and if I can bolster confidence, I will” he finished.

Igor de Souza Fonseca was presented on Monday afternoon as a new player for CD Tenerife. The Brazilian forward came directly from Pontevedra, he too was presented by sports director, Juan José Lorenzo.
Igor talked about his signing, “it was quick and very easy. I wanted to come because of the quality of the club. This is something I am really pleased about”. He added “to play here fills me with pride. I am happy to have come and want to help the team”.
The footballer had the chance to watch the game played last Sunday in the Heliodoro and saw the three CDT goals, “The group is really good and is going to move up the table. I also love the fans as they were so enthusiastic”.
He also commented that “I know Nino and Natalio. I know they are both good players but different. I consider that I too have a style that is different to both of theirs more in the area”.
Juan José Lorenzo, also spoke to the media defining Igor as a “different forward”, with special emphasis that he has come to complement the players that we have now.

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