Friday trainers interview - Which keeper will play still unknown

Antonio Tapia was today, Friday interviewed in his habitual press conference where he looked at the variations he has offered in players up to now. “Since I arrived there have been changes from one game to another in the first eleven. We are seeing how the players work and above all how they connect as a group. Based on our need we will adjust who plays”.
In relation to the next game against Rayo Vallecano, the coach from Cordoba pointed out that “It is the leader who is coming which is added motivation but the most important is that we continue to improve. We need to grow as a team, be efficient and obtain results” he added.
Tapia, this way, commented that the victory in Salamanca had, “liberated us, a victory will do this but we need to improve many things and continued to add points. I hope this dynamic continues”.
When asked about the next rival for the blue and white team he stated that “I am concerned with my team. We need to be a competitive group. At home we need to be very strong, which ever rival is here to play. We always need to respect our opponents, but we know if we do things well we can beat any team”.
Lastly, Antonio Tapia analysed the options both Sergio Aragoneses & Luis Garciá had to play in the game on Sunday. “We have two fantastic keepers and we will see what decision to take. I have confidence in both. They are experienced players and the one who plays will help the team to play a good game”, he concluded.

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