Point by point and Marino lends a hand

Zamora came for a point and achieved their aim. Although they are fairly far down the table they have what looks like a fairly good squad. Their keeper worked hard and CD Tenerife frequently looked like they were about to score. Zamora in their only shot at goal after a terrible mistake by Yeray one of the blue and white defenders managed a goal.
CD Tenerife stepped up their game and with the entrance of Suso Santana looked much more aggressive. A centre from him and Aridane pushed the ball in the goal
Yeray then managed to get sent off the field from the bench for laughing. No mean feat. This brings the total of red cards to three for three in the last games. The last two sending offs were for being mouthy which is really to high a price to pay.
Marino managed a draw away against Oviedo which puts Willy Barroso's team on the way with a second point and the draw deprived Oviedo of two extra points which helps CD Tenerife.

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