3 + 3 is first

I could get to like this. You know I like Mondays when we win well today not only did we win but we are in play off positions. There was a moment after the game when we were leaders alone but then the other teams played, Marino de Luanco and Oviedo also won and therefore are on the same points.
I liked the way the team played. There is enthusiasm and desire on the field. they want to win and have a plan as to how this can be achieved. We have a coach with clear ideas and this comes over when they take to the field. The defense looks better then it has for years and I think we are in for a good season. Interestingly the coach has a long term plan here as he commented last week he wants to take the tram back to the first division.

Game notes 


Sergio Aragoneses; Moyano, Raúl Llorente, Tarantino, Bruno; Íñigo Ros, David Medina (Yeray, 58’), Chechu Flores, Cristo Martín (Abel, 78’); Luismi Loro (Suso, 62’) & Aridane.

Ismael, Roberto, Nacho, José Manuel (Nanclares, 75’), Gabri, Cuerva (Ripa, 29’), Manquillo (Juanito, 56’), Álvaro, Mesa, Dani & Jorge.

Abraham Domínguez Cervantes (Andalucia). Yellow crd for local player Luismi Loro; and for visitors Nacho, José Manuel & Ripa.

1-0: (15’) Aridane, on the line. 2-0: (19’) Luis Loro, from a pass by Aridane Santana.

Played in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López. The ground was in good condition and it was a sunny warm morning with 6,399 spectators. One minutes silence was held for all shareholdres, season ticket holders and fans who died in the lat year. In the stand was Javier Hernández Olympic sailing athlete.

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