Busy week

Almost a week in Santa Cruz has seen a win against Ourense and now the team travel on to Alcoy for the cup match on Wednesday.

CD Tenerife had their first trip off the island for a league match last weekend. They left Santa Cruz on a long trip. Their first port of call was Ourense where they played their league game with a win making them three out of three so far this season. Today they train in Galicia and instead of returning home as is standard for the blue and white players they travel across Spain for the cup game Wednesday night.
It is hard to say which is easier to stay four nights on the mainland or as CD Marino did two weeks ago travel to the mainland Wednesday stay one night come home and repeat the whole process  again on Saturday. Cup games on the Canary Isles are hard.

Yesterdays game the Blanquiazules always looked like theywere going to win though there were a few hairy minutes at the end. Perhaps these will serve the coach Alvaro Cervera. as a way to keep the team on their toes. The first goal was Lusmi Loro's, and it was outstanding. Worthy in fact of any of the great footballers.

CD Tenerife had control of the game except the last minutes when they relaxed their guard. New in the line up was Yeray instead of David Medina.


CD OURENSE: Pato, Josu, Claudio, Campillo, Capi, Yebra, Pillado (Jona, 46’), Alex, Quintairos (Adil, 67’), Noguerol & Sanginés (Iván, 46’).

CD TENERIFE Sergio Aragoneses; Moyano, Raúl Llorente, Tarantino, Bruno; Íñigo Ros, Yeray (Abel, 80’), Chechu Flores (Suso, 53’), Cristo Martín (Víctor Bravo, 68’); Luismi Loro & Aridane.

REFEREE: José Ignacio Hernández Cifuentes,  from Castila Leon. Sent off local player Yebra (86’), with a second yellow card. Yellow cards for local players Capi y Alex; and for visitors Aridane, Yeray, Moyano, Chechu, Raúl Llorente, Loro & Suso.

GOALS: 0-1: (22’) Luismo Loro, from a free kick. 0-2: (32’) Aridane, from a cross ball. 1-2: (85’) Jona, with a header. 1-3: (89’) Víctor Bravo, with a short pass. 2-3: (93’) Claudio, from a penalty.

INCIDENTS Played in the O Couto stadium. With the grounds in average condition on a warm afternoon with approx 2000 spectators. CD Tenerife were in a complete white strip.

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