Another change

Another change I hear you say from behind your screen where ever you are.
It seems to have been on the cards for several weeks but yesterday the match was so bad that there was no other chance. although the decision ws made this morning this was more geograficial than any other reason. The club was away from the island and finally these decisions are made by the administrative comititee rather than anyone else.

This morning I had a chance to talk to some of the journalists who were at the game yesterday and there was nothing positive to say. What you judge happened, is finally up to you but talk runs between the coach was setup and the coach made the wrong decisions. It will probably never be clear what happened. Garcia Tebar seemed when he came to be a straight talking man, and as time passed this was certainly true. Sometimes perhaps he said more than he should but what you saw was what you got.

I wish him luck in the future and hope his next team is less trouble than the weeks he spent on the island  

Rumour states that Quique Medina who was training the second team will be the new coach. Interestingly for the games last season he was second coach under David Amaral. When Amaral was sacked Median was offered the job coaching the CDT B team and with the encouragement of Amaral he took the job. They are in the upper range of the table with five rounds to go they might have just made the play offs.

What this means for the first team will reamin to be seen but I hope as it often has the change will push the players into working harder and will give us that final push into the playoffs and to go back up to segunda.

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