The game we have all been waiting for

I think for many fans although they didn't expect Segunda B to be a wlk in the park they did expect to win a few games without suffering. The first few games in the season seemed to reinforce this and then the rest of the season arrived.
I sat after the game yesterday quietly just appreciating how great the feeling was to have won without suffering without being worried until the last minute what might happen. I have to say it is a great moment for the team to have recovered and I think we will make the playoffs. Theoretically we need one more win to be sure that we are ok. Both would probably move us up the table with a small chance we were second.
Second is an advantage as it gives you in theory a less difficult team and the second leg at home. This second  is the factor which would really help us, although I am sure many will travel to see the games where ever we are drawn.
Yesterdays game itself was great for Perona who scored a hat trick with the third being a penalty. The second was a really great goal and all three can be seen below.


Sergio Aragoneses; Sergio Rodríguez, Pablo Sicilia, David Medina, Raúl Llorente; Chechu (Zazo, 62’), Kitoko, Víctor Bravo (Cristóbal, 85’), Quique López; Perona & Aridane (Ratón, 70’).

Lledó; Owona (Pascual, 79’), Negredo, Juanma, Juanpa; Jandrín (Jairo, 68’), Aitor Sanz, Pelayo, Nano; Rubiato (Bustos, 46’) & Martins.

 REFEREE Antonio Santos Pargaña, from Andalucia. Yellow cards forlocal player Víctor Bravo and for the visitors Owona, Aitor Sanz & Juanpa.

 GOALS 1-0: (11’) Perona amade the most of a mistake by Owona, anfter a shot by Aridane. 2-0: (44’) Perona with a header from a shot by Chechu. 3-0: (78’) Perona, with a penalty.

 INCIDENTS  Played in the Heliodoro Rodriguez Lopez stadium with the gound in good condition on a sunny morning with 8,895 spectators sone 50 of which were from Oviedo. Before the game the squad from Iberostar Socas Canarias were presented to celebrate their going up to the ACB.

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