Time to believe

It seems to me we are at a turning point. Last week there was a great furore with the question would the coach be sacked or not on Sunday. This week the press and the fans have been quieter. We seem to have reached the point for the final push. We  seem to have reached the point where every game is going to count.

CD Tenerife has Celta B, Athletico B and Marino de Luanco away. Of these Luanco and ATM B are safe and Celta is struggling. At home the team has to play Lugo, Oviedo and Alcala de Henares. Two direct rivals and a team who by the time they reach us should know if they are safe or not.

We are third with 57 points and the two teams behind us are Albacete with 55 points and Oviedo with 54. This is still a very close thing and one of these teams is not going to make the play off.

The biggest advantage CD Tenerife has is its fans. Week after week the stadium has filled with fans who want to support the team. And athough there have been moments where they were cross or fed up, never have they deserted, never have they given up.

But the moment has come for eveyone to give that last push. Remember the year we went up to La Liga, remember the game at home against Xerez. The fans have a power and a passion that can't be beaten. They can lift the team and carry them forward and now is the time to do this.

The fan clubs know the team needs a big push and comments this week have appeared including:

 Zoneros: The fans have never abandoned the club not even in the darkest moments, and now we have the chance to demonstrate one more, how great we are.

Instinto Blanquiazul:  We need to be 100% with the team during the game

Peña Barroso de Chio: Now more than ever we need to be there in the stadium everyone together so we can push Tenerife up to the second division

Irish clan: Its the moment to show that this team is a candidate to go up.

Frente Blanquiazul: to go up is possible but we need everyones commitment.

Armada Sur with their English speaking base talk of six matches and six finals, and want to support the blue and whites to the maximum

With all these calls I cant see how the fans wont be in the stadium on Sunday week pulling for the team, helping them to maintain the play off positions to the end of the season.

Aupa Tete

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