Three points in the last minute

In a game where the CDT doctor was sent off the field for walking to slowly everything happened. The team started out slowly against Toledo who they drew against in the away match. The first shot at goal came in the 30th minute from Perona who has never scored a goal on his birthday.

Toledo never looked likely to score and the only counter attack Tarantino stopped although it cost him a yellow card and a sending off. At this point with two local players Kiko Raton and Ruben Rosquete having been brought in the team made that extra push. And the goal when it finally came was glorious.

The second game this season Pablo Sicilia Roig has saved.  We are still third and now with 6 points between us and the fifth placed team

Game notes.

CD TOLEDO    0 (0)

Sergio Aragoneses; Cristóbal, Raúl Llorente (Jonay, 95’), Pablo Sicilia, Tarantino; Marcos Rodríguez, David Medina (Ratón, 63’), Ferrán Tacón, Víctor Bravo; Perona & Aridane (Rosquete, 71’).

Saavedra; Amores, Aguirre, J.Sánchez, Dani Gómez; Enguix (Dani Alonso, 73’), Abel Buades, Carlos (Andriu, 83’), Óscar (Carrillo, 63’); Encinas & David Sanz.

Gustavo Rebollo López, from Catalunya. Sent off local player Tarantino (72’), with a second yellow card. Creds for local players Perona, Pablo Sicilia y Víctor Bravo; and for visitors Dani Gómez, Carlos y Aguirre.

GOAL 1-0: (94’) Sicilia, with a cross ball.

Played in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López. With the grounds in good condition on a warm sunny morning with 8.595 spectators some 20 of which were from Toledo.

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