I am not usually one to write how I feel about the game or the team. Sometimes I will write a little about how an away weekend went but thats about it.
But right now I feel I have to speak. I am scared. This last game reminded me so much of the last season that I am left with a great big space full of worry.
I talk to fans all day and in the last three days all I have heard are phrases like. "We can't do this again", " The players need to understand", "What can we do".
The fans seem to be at the edge of the abyss. Two relegations in two years have left them nervoous and insecure.
No one seems clear what is going to happen. The players had two days off and tomorrow go back to work at which time things may come a little clearer. The radio stations talked today that Ändres Garcia Tebar will have a job until the weekend but after that no one can tell. He may at times have been a little unsubtle and have spoken without thinking but I am sure he doesn't deserve to be treated this way.
And the fans certainly don't deserve this.
The club has apparently said Andres Tebar has this game to prove that he can work with the team.

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